Saturday, July 25, 2015

confession time

Starting to write this blog has been a big deal for me because I have been very hesitant about it for a long time. I was thinking about an article I read discussing how sometimes we just emulate people who have a life we think we would like. The hope I think is that if we do this we can obtain the same life. It isn't that simple though. In actuality I think its much harder. For the majority of my life I have always wanted to have money and do what I want. In all honesty though I have gotten to a point where I am not sure what I want. Some days I am very committed to riding my bike everywhere and maybe even signing up for some local races and trying to be a local legend. Other days I want to be the CEO of a company or something like that. I just don't know. Here are the things that I do know:

  1. I want flexibility - Based on my interested today, not tomorrow mind set, I think I need to have freedom to change my mind and just be available to play outside if its nice out.
  2. I want good cash flow - I really, really like nice things and traveling. Fortunately now with work I get to travel but I don't really get to choose where I go and it can be stressful. This is pretty much the kicker for me. It is important for to me to have a nice house and be close to my family. I also like having cool stuff but change my mind constantly.

Anyways, because of the things listed above I am trying to think about what direction I will be taking this blog in. Right now I am leaning more towards taking into financing my own version of what I consider the high life for. I will still be figuring out what exactly that is as well!

SO...What am I getting at? Well, I do not think this is going to a be the finance guru awesomeness blog that I had initially intended. Instead I think its going to be a mixture of my adventures traveling the world, mixed with trying new things, cool vehicles, and whatever else relates to me trying to enjoy life. No worries though, I will be saving and keeping track of my spending and posting a budget of some sort. Just because I want to live a certain way doesn't mean I will be kicking finance straight out the door.

Ok, thats enough for today. lol. How is everyone else doing!?

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