Wednesday, July 1, 2015

finance 911

So, I guess I should introduce myself to kick off this whole blogging thing. My name is Jeff and I am on the cusp of being 30. Currently I am in my own declared state of finance 911. I want to cure my financial problems (is that possible? YES, duh!). One solution I have read was to journal purchases and I have read so many blogs I thought I would start one myself. I think I may be way behind on the blogging curve though. The upside is I have a macbook so that gives me at least plus 100 likes or whatever blogs get.

Why am I in financial 911? Well, its very easy, my cash outflows are greater than my cash inflows. Obviously this is a huge problem and I need to figure out how to solve it. That shouldn't be to hard right? Spend less Jeff is probably what you are thinking, and spend less is what I will do. Here is my plan of attack and I assure you its something we have all seen:

1) Eliminate credit card debt. I would cease use of my mileage card but the miles are good to have in my line of work.

2) Sell my truck. Currently I drive a truck that really doesn't make sense. I don't haul anything or off road. Its just a truck because I like trucks but I like financial freedom more!

3) Set a budget. Now, this one should be interesting. I think I am going to have to do the envelope system or something because I suck with budget and as long as I have my card I will spend. Seems like we may have found a contributing culprit to my problem. No more credit card! Guess I will have to eliminate the card till I train myself to be more disciplined lol.

4) Cheaper housing. I pay way more than I want to for my apartment and the lease is up in August I believe. Once I get out I am debating on moving home or to a cheaper but still nice apartment complex. Maybe get a house? I am not sure but I do know I need to get into cheaper housing.

Thats my plan for now. In the coming days I will share the budget I have come up with and more about me regarding financial goals and where I stand financially at this point. I hope you tag along for the ride!

Ponder this!
Does anyone operate strictly on cash?

What kind of vehicle do you recommend I purchase? What do you drive?

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