Sunday, July 26, 2015

weekly round up X2

This week was a big spend week because I have some awesome travel opportunities coming up. I am super excited to announce that I will be visiting Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and Tokyo in August! As you can probably imagine the airline tickets are not cheap but I am attaching my weekly spend below!

As you can see there are some big prices in travel and those my airline tickets. The bottom travel cost also goes into my ticketing as it was a small fee for one of the tickets. Home improvement and uncategorized are actually apartment application fees that I will hopefully get back but am unsure. I hate shopping for a new place to live but it is something I must do unless I want to live at home.

I am actually pretty happy with this update as I really only did what I absolutely wanted and I don't think I "wasted" money on my typical random purchases. This is a definite improvement from the months before. Also, my net worth is increasing which makes me happy as well : )

Last week I didn't have my budget update like I promised so I will give a quick look for you now. The last update would have included:

$1,968 for my rental mortgages
$135 Cable/Internet
$2 Book on Kindle

This totaled out to $2,106 but only $137 of that were costs that I really don't bring me in profit monthly. I mean technically, the rents for the houses those mortgages cover easily covered my expenses this week! How cool is that? I think I am going to start thinking of my current expenses in that light, is my side gig making me enough money to cover this. Obviously I can't include all expenses but I am thinking of starting with the bills have currently which are:

Cell Phone
Auto Insurance (every 6 months)

I will keep you updated as I go and let you know how I do at the end of next month.

Questions for you -
Would you live at home if your job had you traveling a lot?
Does your side gig cover any of your current living expenses?

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