Tuesday, August 4, 2015

weekly spend round up

This last week was a lot better than the week before but these flights for my vacation are still killing me. I think the next go round I will have to simplify my travel plans and not go so excessive! Anyways, onto the spend:

So, the breakdown is as follows: 
Auto & Transport - $64
Travel - $374
Health & Fitness - $120
Food & Dining - $62
Total - $620

OK, so this is actually pretty bad in my opinion. This is mainly because my goal was to not spend anymore this week. I am OK with my gas and eating out although I think I am leaving out 2 or 3 Whataburger trips :/ 

Also, I am going to cancel my gym membership today because I am not home enough to use it. Hopefully that will be gone soon. I am also canceling my cable and possibly internet service since I know I definitely don't need cable anymore. The reason I am wishy washy is because I can't decide if I want to move in with my parents or not. On one hand I would save a ton of money, on the other, I am living at home again which doesn't thrill me to death. I will decide by Friday for sure I hope.

Next up are the travel costs...now one of these is for another flight pertaining to my vacation next month. The other is a charge from the hotel I was at for work and has some costs of souvenirs and drinks for a couple nights. The thing I do not understand is it looks like they charged me twice which pisses me off and now I have to sort that out with the credit card company today, UGH!

Overall, the last 7 days was piss poor from a financial perspective in my mind and I need to improve. Also, I am not sure how good my cash idea is going to work out because my keeping of receipts is very, very bad! We shall see though. I do like the idea of doing weekly reviews although it sort of stresses me out. This week should be interesting considering I have rent, closing costs on a house, and a huge credit card payment to cover! 

Until then, Do you have a lot of bad budget weeks? Do you budget? Are you as bad with money as I am?

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