Sunday, September 20, 2015

negativity and the spending addiction

Well, I guess I have been a way for a long while and I think most of that is attributable to me having an crap last couple months of spending. Currently I have 60% more in debt than I do in the bank and still owe some money outside of the credit card amounts for a crazy trip I took. The biggest question I have to ask myself is why is this happening? My goals have been clear but I keep disregarding them and spending recklessly which means that my "why" just isn't good enough. That being said it seems I need to make some rules for myself. The first of which is no spending this week or while I am traveling for work. Unfortunately I have let myself lapse to much and need to get this together quickly or else my dreams will be pushed further away.

Addiction to spending...this needs to stop on my part. So far this year I have spent a lot of money on things that I didn't really need but wanted because everyone else around me was doing it. This has been my bad habit my whole life and is something I need to fix. In order to fix that I need to increase confidence and become more conscious of why I am buying things!

So moving forward the plan is to not spend money on anything that I don't absolutely have to spend on. This means spending is limited to groceries, gas money, and whatever current bills I have. These bills are limited to my mortgages, rent, electric, and cable. No other costs should be occurring until I have $20K in savings and can walk away from my job if necessary. More on that point in the next couple days.

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